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Below you will find some general FAQs about our site. If the issue you are having is not discussed below, please feel free to contact us here with your questions. Thank you.

  • Internet Explorer v.8 - Users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer v.8, may see some page rendering issues on our website. I currently develop the site using all the popular browsers in an attempt to keep an eye on various browser issues. With IE8 Microsoft introduced what they call "Compatibility Mode" The icon (switch) for this option is to the right of the Address Bar. It's a toggle, so it is either on/off and if you hover over it you will get a tool tip to tell you if it is enabled. The icon looks like a broken piece of paper. When you toggle this ON for a page, it will keep track of the fact you turned it on for the current page, and remember to turn it ON the next time you visit the page.

    On my development system I have seen no major issues and have not had to use "Compatibility Mode" (WinXP Pro). However, I have seen at least one issue on a laptop running Vista Home.

    On that Vista Home system, if you viewed our site with "Compatibility Mode" OFF, then pictures in articles on the Front Page (and other pages) were not being displayed correctly. In place of the picture, the article showed a "small shaded dot or ball icon". If you clicked on the icon, you would then view the picture. If you turned "Compatibility Mode" ON, then the pictures displayed "in-line" as they were intended.

    I have not yet seen enough data to determine if there is a fix other than turning on "Compatibility Mode". Again, this was on Vista Home. I have not seen this issue on Win XP. Feel free to try another browser if you still have issues. Many folks like FireFox, and there are others.
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This is a living document which will be updated over time. Please check back here when you have any issues.


-The Webmaster

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