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Magic Morgan & Liliana Print E-mail

Magician Matthew Morgan

"Magic Morgan & Liliana," choice of illusion, comedy or street magic, live animals...

Matthew & Liliana is an award winning magician, who happens to be deaf. Magic Morgan & Liliana provides entertaining fun for all ages, from young children to sophisticated, jaded adults.

Magician Matthew Morgan

He offers three types of programs—Stage Illusion, Magic and Comedy; Close-up Street Magic; and Balloon Sculptures.

Matthew's grandfather introduced him to magic when he was six years old, and he has been fascinated with all things magic since then. Some of his tricks involve live animals.

Matthew combines humor and mime in his act, and communicates in the universal languages of fun and amazement during his show.

He has performed at Milwaukee's Summerfest, state fairs, and other events throughout the U.S. and other countries (Finland, Sweden, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Canada, Panama, and more). Matthew won top prizes in competitions from both the World Deaf Magicians organization and US Deaf Festival.


Visit Matthew's website -

Prepare yourself for eye-popping illusions, dazzling balloon scupltures, and live animals!

  • Performing Area: Anywhere, indoors or out.
  • Fee: Negotiable $$ for Events, includes mileage
  • Discounts available for multiple bookings
  • Travel Range: Nationwide
Bill Blagg Print E-mail


Bill Blagg III has been changing reality one city at a time with his unique brand of grand-scale magic and illusion. At just 28 years old, Bill has been breaking the mold of the typical magician with his one-of-a-kind, high-energy, magical experience.


Bill’s touring show titled; “A Night of Magic” shatters the barrier between the audience and the stage by infusing an unmatched level of audience interaction into each and every show.Interaction such as random audience volunteers levitating over 4’ high in the middle of the stage while others vanish at a moments notice never to return! The best part is this is just the beginning. Spirits will manifest themselves onstage to create messages to solve age old mysteries; Bill will read the minds of the entire audience, visibly walk thru a solid plate of steel and so much more!

In addition to some of the most ground-breaking magic seen today, Bill’s production combines high end intelligent lighting and digital sound to create a complete sensory experience for all in attendance. To top it all off, combine Bill’s one-of-a-kind personality to the mix which sets the stage for an unbelievable night of grand-scale magic and comedy audiences will never forget.

From beginning to end Bill Blagg III’s “A Night of Magic” is changing the magic show into the magic experience!

Visit Bill Blagg's website here-

Bill performs around the country and will be in Wisconsin and the Midwest, during the 2009-10 season, including these locations—

  • Ladysmith, WI
  • South Milwaukee, WI
  • Green Bay, WI
  • Madison, WI

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