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  • Kyle Marlett Gets Video Bombed
    Here is a short video from friend of iTricks Kyle Marlett… perfect way to end the day. We think any magician with pets can sympathize with this one. Of course, it is better than having your cat decide that your props are actually their new favorite toys. Check out more of Kyle’s videos on his [...]

  • The Edgy Style of Eric Ross
    SPONSORED POST Eric Ross has been one of the most prolific creators in this industry. His edgy style and creative mind have landed him on some of the best platforms, including the Ellen Degeneres show. Eric has been actively creating magic for years and has brought a slew of great, working effects with him for [...]

  • Rich Hurley At The Castle
    Rich Hurley recently posted this clip from one of his Magic Castle performances. He notes that the effect shown, Hole Collection, was invented by the late Dean Dill but never published. Rich is a sales executive and magician who studied under Dill. You can learn more about Rich (and see more videos) at his website.

  • Magicians On TV, In The Military And More [Magic Bulletin]
    We’ll explain the lead off video in a bit. Murray SawChuck made an appearance on Hallmark’s Home and Family show yesterday, which will repeat today (the network repeats the previous day’s show after each new episode). Justin Willman was on Conan last night (we hope to have video later) and will be on Home and [...]

  • Today’s news is brought to you by Art of Play, the leading source for custom, designer playing cards.
    SPONSORED POST A collection of the finest playing cards in the world, featuring hand-painted works of art, award-winning design and illustration, and luxury packaging. All of our playing cards uphold to a high level of quality. Wether you use these cards for magic, cardistry, poker or collecting, we guarantee your satisfaction. Visit Art of Play [...]

  • New Video From The Illusionists
    This video is from CBS 6 Albany of The Illusionists’ Jeff Hobson making an in-studio appearance. There are other recent studio appearances from various sources online here (Dan Sperry on Voice of America) and here (Andrew Basso). The tour has added several new videos to their official YouTube page recently as well. Follow the tour, [...]

  • From Knuckle Busting Chops to Classic Genius!
    SPONSORED POST April is here and along with it is our April At The Table Experience VIP subscription! This month we take you from knuckle busting chops to classic genius! Hosted by Greg Wilson and Chris Oberle, we’re bringing you the some of the brightest minds around; Eric Ross, Mike Hankins, Will Houstoun and Steven [...]

  • Broken Wand: Stan Kramien
    Stan Kramien passed away Friday, March 27 according to a post on the Genii Forum by David Charvet. We have not been able to find an obituary yet, but Stan was a force in magic for something like seven decades. He organized the Northwest Magic Jamboree for about 25 years and performed all of America [...]

  • History Making Teen Magician, The Voice In Pigeon Forge And More [Magic Bulletin]
    We’ll get to the lead off video in a second. First, big news: This weekend The Independent featured 16 year old Leah Mae Devine as she prepared for the Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year 2015. She is the only girl among this years seven contestants and only the 9th young lady in history [...]

  • A Little Inspiration From Jason Andrews
    A Night at Crazy Horse Paris from Jason Andrews on Vimeo. iTricks knows that many of our readers dream someday having their own Las Vegas magic act (and some of y’all already have), so we thought that this may give you a little inspiration. Jason Andrews is giving everyone a chance to see what it [...]

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