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  • Today’s news is brought to you by Art of Play, the leading source for custom, designer playing cards.
    SPONSORED POST A collection of the finest playing cards in the world, featuring hand-painted works of art, award-winning design and illustration, and luxury packaging. All of our playing cards uphold to a high level of quality. Wether you use these cards for magic, cardistry, poker or collecting, we guarantee your satisfaction. Visit Art of Play [...]

  • The Phoenix #1 – 25 [Magic On The Block]
    DISCLAIMER: does not endorse or guarantee the following item nor have we been compensated to feature said item. This is an auction item that should not really need an introduction. The first twenty five issues of Walter Gibson’s magic newsletter The Phoenix are currently up for grabs on eBay in an auction that runs [...]

  • A Classic of Magic Within Reach of All!
    SPONSORED POST Even if you’re not a manipulator, this version will fool you as much by its effectiveness as by its simplicity! The skill needed to present the classic Chameleon Cards is not easily acquired, so Mickael Chatelain put himself to the task of simplifying the method. Well known for his simple and visual effects, [...]

  • The Illusionists Explain Why World Needs Magic
    The World Needs Magic – Episode 3 – The Illusionists from Society of American Magicians on Vimeo. The latest edition of the Society of American Magicians’ web series Why The World Needs Magic features the cast of The Illusionists. Earlier editions of the series featured current SAM President Kenrick McDonald and Gay Blackstone. You can [...]

  • Michael Ammar, Viral Blaine And More [Magic Bulletin]
    Michael Ammar will be returning home to Bluefield, West Virginia for a charity show in May. The Bluefield Daily News has a short feature on Michael, which is worth reading to see in print just how accomplished Michael is! Obviously, that is Michael with Johnny Carson in today’s lead off video. The hottest viral magic [...]

  • 1930′s Martial Magic
    As we reach the end of another Video Friday, I beg the indulgence of the iTricksters for a moment. As many of you may know, tomorrow is World Taiqi and Qigong Day. This is an annual event to spread the messages of good health and wellbeing spread by these Chinese disciplines. To help promote World [...]

  • A Little Uncle Magic With Jeff Hobson
    In this little gem from last Halloween from The Illusionists, Jeff Hobson teaches one of my favorite bits of impromptu “uncle magic.” I believe I originally ran across this gem in Mac King’s highly underutilized Tricks With Your Head. You can check out other videos from The Illusionists on their YouTube Page. Just a little [...]

  • Magicana Announces Allan Slaight Awards
    On behalf of the Slaight Family Foundation Magicana has announced a new annual magic award that will distribute over $250,000 in prize money over the next five years. The first award winners, for their 2014 work, will be announced on June 27 in Toronto. Categories include Lifetime Achievement, Sharing Wonder (performance innovation), Sharing Secrets (work [...]

  • Reza Visits The Saints Locker Room
    This new video from Reza features him doing the card on ceiling (a true modern classic) for players in the Saints locker room. We like this clip because it is a good reminder that when it comes to video magic, it is all about the reaction. Reza is just finishing up a stint in Branson [...]

  • Linking Rings At The Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival
    Here’s a new video of an old classic for Pop Haydn. I am a bit obsessed with the linking rings lately, so this seems a perfect Video Friday clip. Plus, I love me some Pop Haydn… he is like F Troop meets Howard Thurston. Hey Pop, if you are reading this, how about coming on [...]

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