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  • Cool PC Sorcar Sr Poster [Magic On The Block]
    DISCLAIMER: does not endorse or guarantee the following item nor have we been compensated to feature said item. Fair warning: I am going to start bidding on this, too. I think it is pretty awesome. We have gone over the career and legacy of PC Sorcar on iTricks in the past (in a two [...]

  • Amazing JoeJoe’s Super Spinner with Penny Reel Technology
    SPONSORED POST The Amazing JoeJoe re-invented thread work with the release of his original Web Spinner, and now he is about to do so again with his new “Super Spinner with Penny Reel Technology”! The new Super Spinner is just as simple and elegant as the original Web Spinner making levitation easier, more practical, and [...]

  • Behold The Magic That Is Weird Al! Behold It!
    This video is short but awesome. For those of you thinking (mistakenly) that it is stupid consider the following: A) It is Weird Al. B) The first 12 seconds are straight up magic. C) It is hilarious. In all fairness, though, if you do think it is stupid you have at least one ally… Weird [...]

  • Las Vegas Awards, Brit Comedy Awards And Much More [Magic Bulletin]
    New show on the horizon for Troy, but we’ll let him explain as he chats with Holly and Phillip on ITV’s This Morning. Voting for’s Las Vegas Awards opened yesterday and run through December 31. Boran Yu (of Panda), Mac King, Mark Bennick (Show of Shows) and Penn and Teller are all in the [...]

  • A La Carte
    SPONSORED POST Although Andrew’s first book was an underground success story he was not finished. Presenting his second book, A La Carte. This offering contains a collection of enhancements and refinements on existing plots and themes but with a perspective that is truly Andrew Woo. Enjoy his original thinking through various methodologies applied to the [...]

  • Ryan Tricks And LAD Bible Team Up For Homeless Awareness
    Ryan Tricks has teamed up with LAD Bible (which is not a religious group; it is a website with video features such as “Dog Doesn’t Like Farts” and “25 Quotes From The Simpsons You Can Use In Everyday Life”) to produce this PSA to bring awareness to the plight of the homeless during the holiday [...]

  • Another Justin Flom Road Trip
    Justin Flom, like Willie Nelson, is on the road again. He is heading out to meet up with Florida Georgia Line (finally a band that iTricks kind of recognizes… they are the mainstream country band that did a song with Nelly, right?). Along the way, though, he is making magic and shooting video. This is [...]

  • Thugs, Cats, Awards And Sales [Magic Bulletin]
    You have probably seen this clip of Magic Camp, with a little spice from The Geto Boys courtesy of Kaley Dickinson, bouncing around the Internet. According to the featured gangsta magician, Reuben Moreland, is actually pretty amused by the whole thing. Silverwood Theme Park’s Nick Norton has received the Brass Ring Award from the [...]

  • Original Henning Poster [Magic On The Block]
    DISCLAIMER: does not endorse or guarantee the following item nor have we been compensated to feature said item. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, it is sometimes easier to find magic posters from pre-World War II than selections from the 1970s or ’80s. Why? Well, posters were the primary form of advertising for performers [...]

  • Getting Gigs, Marketing and Magic…
    SPONSORED POST Live lecture Wednesday, December 17th at 4pm PST Download available within 48 hours after live event Rich Ferguson is taking time out of his busy schedule to sit down with you to teach you more than just magic tricks. He will be talking a LOT about MARKETING and how to sell yourself to [...]

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